EFRA Race Report

After the good feedback from drivers and teams on the track and overall infrastructure, it is an honor to get the praise of the European Federation of Radio Operated Model Automobiles! A success that must be shared with all collaborators, participants, FEPRA and EFRA!

Read the complete report from 1/8th Off Road EFRA Section Chairman, Mr. Carlos Gomez, here.

Juan Carlos Canas is the European Champion B 2016!

The Spanish driver Juan Carlos Canas took the European Champion B 2016 title after a fantastic final which he dominated from start to end with a very strong pace that Gonçalo Melo couldn´t fight, after becoming the Top Qualifier. João Lopes took the 3rd position and completed the podium after an exciting race and a fantastic final!

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*Photo by InfoRC.net

Live timing

You can follow the race results of the EFRA European Championship B 1:8 Buggy 2016 live on the MyRCM portal.

Live timing

Race details and heats arrangement

Race details and heat arrangement for the Euro B 2016 are now available at MyRCM!

Information regarding transponders

We would like to remember all drivers the EFRA regulations for lap counting and inform that the time keeping system to be used at the Euro B, as approved by EFRA, will be MyLaps with software ‘RCM-timing’. This means that only official MyLaps transponders will be allowed!


8.12.1. At EFRA sanctioned events, the lap counting is to be done automatically by means of an automatic lap counting system and a transponder tted inside the cars body shell.
All competitors must supply their own Personal Transponder and are responsible for ensuring that the organizer is advised of the unique number.

8.12.2. The fitting of the correct transponder inside the cars body shell is the responsibility of the driver.

8.12.3. If a driver loses the transponder during the race, or if a transponder is not working, the lap counting supervisor must try to counts the laps manually.

8.12.4. If a driver forgets to fit the transponder during the race, the Race Director and the
lap counting supervisor will decide whether the laps are counted or not. There is
no appeal against their decision.

8.12.5. Transponders must be moved to a better position in the car on the race directors
instruction, if lap counting problems occur. Failure to comply may result in lost

8.12.6. It is the responsibility of each competitor to ensure that no parts of his racing
equipment generates any form of signal that in any way interferes with the automatic lap counting system. If it is proven, that interference is being caused, the Race Director must instruct the driver to modify the offending item and if this does not prove possible, the driver will be excluded from the racing.

EFRA GP 1:8 Buggy 2016 | Final results

The youngest Juan Carlos Carrasco was the top qualifier and winner of the EFRA Grand Prix 1:8 Buggy 2016, followed by João Lopes and Tiago Aguiar. With strong rain arriving after the quarter finals, the race was interrupted and eventually results declared final.

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